Voronoi Polygons in QGIS

GIS analysis have had wider applications in many fields such as Mining,Science,Hydrology and many more.This has helped in generate reports to aid in better decision making and planning for projects in the world.
Voronoi Polygons are used to create area(buffers) around points defined depending on the user needs.The regions/cells created are used to define a set of user needs .
QGIS offers a tool that enhances faster ways of building these polygons around points.This tool requires the user to select the input layer and also the buffer region from the points.

The advantage of this tool is that its fast and comprehensive.
The outputs of the generated Voronoi Polygons resembles this

Voronoi Polygons have a wider application ranging from Mining industries to estimate the available resources in an area,Demographics to assess the number of e.g. population in an area,Hydrology for determination of amounts of parameters such as Rainfall in an area just to mention a few.