Experiences through campus

This is based on a story narrated by one of my colleagues in campus.It might inform you on how campus life is to some students.lets go........
First year
At this time one is very ambitious,eager,thirsty for knowledge, hardworking ,punctual and very visionary. The only thing lingering In the mind is ‘how well will I undertake my studies and be a great person after campus?’. A “FIRST CLASS” is the imagination all have. The minds are not very exposed to the campus life and hence one seems confused. You only know the lecture rooms, library and the dining mess.
For ‘boys’ its all about attending lectures and getting back to the hostels for a chat or to sleep. They are much focused. To those from the towns know a little about social life and hence are on the run to win a fellow course mate (kafresha).
For the chicks, they are so shy amidst people, conservative, seems confused, very attractive to the ‘old boys’ and are so good at paying for their bills. They are very keen at adopting the new swags of other campus gals around.
Smoking, taking alcohol, raving and skiving classes are not known to them. Transcripts read good grades and no D or Supplementary.
Second Year
The mentality of being a fresha is over; the mind has grown and adopted the campus lifestyle.

Attending raves is a necessity and having a lover becomes a want. Hostels become clubs (bashes and beer) and learning starts after one month of opening school. Some own a computer thus gaming and watching movies is the core activity back in the hostels. The ‘vibes’ of winning a lover are now upgraded. For guys, female visitors are many than male visitors and viceversa.Photocopying assignments is better than researching and having a running mate during exams is mandatory (striking or defending). The gals have known what love is and the search of Mr. Best is their concern. Walking into men's hostels is now common. The gals have upgraded from the “good gal” in first year (buying a smokie for her made you her best friend) to a “campus gal”(to make her happy, take her for a rave and buy a beer or two).For the dudes its all about ‘how many gals have come my way?”. At the end the transcripts look “weirdest you (funny grades-no A).
Third Year
Everyone is wasted more so the gals. Raving start boring, you chuck all the ‘lovers’ you know as the look old, hearts are broken and life seems to be unfair to you. The dudes turn on a new leaf and leave the ‘old gals’ and go for a fresha with the hope of getting one or two “operation ponyoka na fresha”. You have not registered the units and the school fees is over. What follows next?-taking loans from friends or selling your home theater and the flat screen TV. Lectures are very boring, business ideas are very many in your thinking (but no finances) and the need for settling down is what you opt for. In third year you are an experienced lover, alcoholic, smoker, sleeping giant, mwakenya user and maybe a “banger” oops.A lot of flashbacks of when you were a fresha torment you. Do you still think about a first class??i guess no.The grades at the end of the year  are the same or worse compared to those In second year.
Fourth year
A full grownup you are. Life changes, one becomes very hardworking, being punctual in attending classes, completing assignments and researching all with the aim of o good final lap of your campus education. The library becomes your best place, lecturers are your best friends and your colleagues are the best helpers. Projects are announced and you panic. Sleep becomes your greatest enemy. You are too old for a rave or gaming, you have one lover whom you think might become your future wife lol.This is the time to prove yourself to the family members. An improvement is noted in your grades and you wish that you had utilized your campus life as you thought of it in first year. You are now very eager to know your mean score for the four years after the final semester. What follows…who knows? A good grade? First class? Second class upper? Second class lower?. You know better. Bye bye campus life. Remember to introduce your  “wife/husband” to your family members on graduation day(MAYBE).