Breaking Bad-The Best Series

For years I have been a drama series fanatic.In 2012,during my holidays(January-April),a friend narrated a story of how he had been watching a highly ranked drama series “Breaking Bad”.From his narrative,I got that captivating urge to have a look at the series.One weekend when I was in town,I decided to check into a movie shop and get a copy of the Breaking Bad.I got the first two seasons and knew my weekend would be good and fantastic watching a new series.As I got back to my house,Steve,a friend,had come over for a visit and I was glad that at least I had someone to watch the series with.The drive motive was the meaning of “Breaking Bad”because it sounded funny.We decided to have a look at the drama in the evening.Amazingly,the drama was so captivating,funny and enjoyable for us to shutdown the laptop and have a nap but we found ourselves sleepless watching this great drama.
 The flow of the drama was awesome with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman being our favorites in the movie.The laughter in the house signified a 13 hours moment of full entertainment.I had not spent a night awake before watching a movie and I knew that this was kind of special to me.The next day I slept for four hours and I was back to town to inquire whether there was another season for the movie.I explained to my buddies about the movie and they also appreciated that it was good with lot of positivity.Ever since I knew  about the series,I have always been wishing the story to continue and give me great ideas and entertainment.So far,Breaking Bad has been my favorite drama series. Not forgetting how the movie started and how the it got into our system!great.The coughing by Walter white caused by the Cancer!!!hah aha,the many battles between Walter White and Jesse Pinkman ,how Walter loved his family woo!awesome!!!.Not forgetting when Walter sold his first car very cheaply hah aha and the machine gun Walter used to shoot the men in the house belonging to Todd’s uncle yeah brains.
Here is a list of actors of the Breaking Bad who made my time great while watching.The list is from the best onwards:Walter White,Jesse Pinkman,Saul Goodman,Gustavo Fring,Badger,Skinny Pete,Walter White,Jr.
I was not at ease when I heard that the final episode for the series was to be released on 29th September 2013 as I never wished the drama to end.The movie ended unexpectedly.Anyway,everything that has a beginning has an end.I hope Vince Gilligan has another “better” series awaiting production(I hope so). As I watched Bryan Cranston (Walter White)receive the Best Actor award and Aaron Paul(Jesse Pinkman) for best supporting actor, I felt good as they have been my favorite actors too.congratulations to the Breaking Bad crew.An awesome movie it was.