Campus life

It has always been a session of  hard decisions for the students to make when the semester begins.At the begginning of the semester,students are loaded with huge amounts of cash attained from various sources such as pocket money from parents,gifts from relatives,quick businesses "uradi" and the loan from HELB.At the begginning of a new semester,every student would like new outfits and new products such as a new smartphone.With such amounts of cash,these products are very affordable.These moves are branded "upgrading" as no one wants to be "left behind" in the upgrade.At the begining of a new semester,there no work loads to need more concentration from students.This creates an ample time for the students to loiter around conducting their activities in peace.Its expected that the first month of the semester,there is overflow of parties and bashes in the hostels her/him.Attending club bashes,kareoke and lot of alcohol becomes the core activities for many campus students and not forgetting having a partner to make you happy and spend with.There is also an upgrade from Blue Moon to John Walker or Viceroy.At this time,you never know the difference between days and nights as you are high all time.Not forgetting,winning as many gals as possible is also an achievement.Its called "utilising campus fun/life"some students opt to gamble to yield more from their less amounts of money.Some end up successful from the gambling exercise while others are big time losers.Another lot of students go business as their way of upgrading.There is a higher probability of being better(pocket wise)in this line.

After six weeks of fun,you realize that units registration was conducted,there are fees to be paid,you don't have a place to call your house(hostel),Cats are due next week,five assignments have been submitted and several practicals have been conducted.At such a moment,you feel so down wondering where to start from.The best options maybe call your parent and "cook up" a plan on how your money got lost or go for loans from friends.At this time,affording a meal is difficult.Life becomes so hard in campus.Concentration in your studies lowers as lots of question without answers linger your mind.The funny thing is most of your friends are just like you(damn broke)what do you do next?sell off your music system,TV set or the Smartphone.mmmmhh,hard decisions indeed.You start wondering "when will this semester end?".Units become so difficult and you never understand what goes on in your lectures.I sometimes laugh when I hear buddies share views and the main phrase is "Next semester I will work hard and save some cash"unfortunately, No one implements this idea of next semester.All things happen very fast for you and what remains is self acceptance.Its true you will never have such a time in your life(undergraduate) and there is need to enjoy but what matters is how well do you enjoy yourself??.