Natural Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

           Intelligence levels differ from one person to another.This is mostly depicted while conducting various activities in ones life."This guy is really intelligent" is a statement you will hear mostly amongst a group of people,maybe students,workers e.t.c.There are two sides of looking at the intelligence of the people.Using a campus scenario,its obvious that there are those who lead in academics at school and others who do not perform well in the same field of academics.This is expected as not everyone is able to cope up with the study modes in campuses or the content being taught is not of interest to him/her.All people cannot be equal in thinking.This is very evident as there cannot be two scripts written in the same way as the other(copyrights). In the same academic arena,we have a mixture of various "future" professionals.This is the reason as to why some people do well in academics and others do well in business.Its not funny to see a person who tails in his/her academic arena being the best business man out there.Talents are also a point to note while dealing with such a situations.

            People have different passions in life.If one has a passion in one field it happens to be their best area of specialization.We may consider the students in campuses and the people out there(not in school). Students have the goal of achieving big in the academic arena to better their future.Most of the time they spend reading and researching in order to pass well at the end of the semester.They are less conversant with what happens out there.What they think most is how good they will be in the market after their studies.This clearly shows that most of the students are not sharp when it comes to surviving out there(out of school). Their intelligence is mostly from the load of books they spend days and nights reading and researching.we still have students who are very good both at school and out of school.These are the people who make great impacts in the business world as they combine both sides of life.Unfortunately,we only have few people who can do this.What many students think of is a good job at the end of the course and those who think "out of the box" have great idea of being their own bosses.There is a long journey in this.This is the reason as to why a student would live miserably after completing school if he/she doesn't secure a job out there.In simple terms,a big percentage of the students lack the know-how needed in life to survive in the industry.
         On the other hand,we have a guy who is not in school but solely depends on the little tricks he/she has out there to outdo the competitors.This person might be having little knowledge of what is taught in schools but not as the student.Their survival out of school makes their minds sharp in the industry and they  know what to do in order for one to achieve a certain goal if provided with the required resources.
         There are people who are naturally intelligent and others who are "situation-made" intelligent.Its obvious that after some time of being in contact with a thing you get to know it better and also understand its tricks and ways of resolving little problems that may arise.Fortunately,both  naturally intelligent and artificially intelligent do survive well in their life if achieving great goals is their main objective.Unfortunately,reading many books does not guarantee you good life outside the academics arena but its your effort to cope up with the industry standards.