When I grow up !!

       I remember my childhood life.Life full of expectations,hope,courage,determination and very eager to know how grown up people feel about life.I remember my first days in school,interacting with my friends at a tender age and hoping for the best in life.As a child one has very many unanswered questions about the happenings of life,technologies and inventions.A child is very anxious and always wanting to know about anything they come across.As a kid I used to always tell my parents how I would like to learn many things and maybe help them in their old age.Attending school was one of my favorite moments as i knew I could learn new things in life each day.My Mom,a teacher,used to give me advices about life and reminded me that success does not come freely as a gift of nature.I had to work hard and smart  at my school.As memories linger in my head about those old days,am like wow!! childhood life well spent.In my childhood,I used to have very high expectations about life and wished that one day i will be a great person in the society.

        I had many profession that I used to dream of including being a pilot,an engineer,a news anchor,an army man,a minister,a doctor just to mention a few.Somehow when i grew up,some professions were slowly erased from my mind and new one were registered into my mind.This is the time that one realizes that the world is bigger than the way you used to think about it when a you were a child.With the support of family members and parents life seemed good and enjoyable.As one approaches twelve years of age,life start to demand from you.This time you are expected to do some things on your own.Having loads of work to execute,home work,cleaning,doing well in school and many more.This is the time you realize that you are now of age to work independently in you endeavors.Education has always been the key thing one does since childhood.Every one around you expects you to do great in school and bring good results home.Failure to this,your parents and guardians are on your neck wondering what kind of a child you are.The system is not a smooth ride.It has always been a hustle to perform well.Its so unfortunate that the education systems set up standards that one should attain to move to the next education level.Failing means you not qualified and maybe repeat or leave the education arena.Luckily,i was able to withstand the hustle and continue to the next levels.
    As one grows some "big"dreams fade away and new ones come depending on mostly the performance at school.At eighteen,you are an adult and life awaits you to train you,harass you,nurture you for the benefit of tomorrow.Are the dreams still alive?yes,to some.You meet new things in life and this where you decide.The choice of careers is well done at a mature age and not when a child as earlier thought.The decisions i made some years back are still the ones am trying to execute.Now in campus and life seems good and somehow enjoyable.Always thinking "outside the box" helps and becomes the driving motive in whatever you do.Am now grown and happy as my scope of understanding things is wide as compared to those early days.Am happy that am in a career that best suits me and I had no idea about it when I was kid.