Travel to Kenya

       On the eastern part of Africa and neighboring the great Indian Ocean to its lower eastern part, is Kenya an awe inspiring destination to make your holidays perfect. Kenya had oodles of attractions. The many mountains, valleys specifically the Great Rift Valley, parks and communities are just a few among the many attractions that have brought in billions of money  as millions of tourists continually visit the country to experience its beauties. My family had organized for a one week visit to Kenya to get rid of the many hustles and bustles of the life. The magnificent wonders we experienced were a must to share with as many people as I could get and I have thus decided to appreciate Kenya’s beauty.
        We hit the road to our great visit from the dazzling Nairobi city which is Kenya’s capital city. The city was so scenic with countless impressive buildings that had first rate architectural designs. Though the city was bee busy with loads of people and vehicles, we managed to trespass to the stunning and popular snake park within the city. Our curious eyes could barely close from the second we stepped into the park. Gigantic venomous but attractive snakes lay silently in their wide cages while others had spread out on well chopped stones within the park possibly basking in the enticing morning sun though they kept crawling from time to time over imaginably distances. There were also diminutive pretty snakes securely housed within small attractive coops. It was so interesting to watch them feed on grass that had been put in their cages and more so drink water from the tiny plates within their premises. We then advanced to the charming Bomas of Kenya. We were completely filled with joy by the many traditional dancers who had taken the floor the moment we got in. They gyrated in all captivating styles, tempting me so much to join them. We were indeed grand that our trip had started with such merriment.

          Hardly could we leave Nairobi City before visiting the stunning Nairobi National Park. This was a farfetched tourism spot. We enthralled seeing the numerous lovely fauna retained in the park. There were so many attractive wild beasts and zebras. The most striking quest was at the charming lioness sanctuary. We loved this site so much. The enticing lioness kept roaring fanatically while searching for an exit to clench on the large horde of people who were hanging around its beautiful premises staring at it. This experience was so moving. The stirring monkey’s site was yet another hot spot within the park. We had great fun watching the beautiful tiny monkeys gazing at us and receiving warmly the various engaging sweets we offered them. The guides at the park were so welcoming and reveling. They took us round while giving us more info than we required of the amazing animals. We were absolutely delightful and would love to visit this park many other times.
Out of Nairobi City, we headed to the amiable extensive Menengai crater. This crater is within the appealing Nakuru town and was established as a result of a volcanic activity. It was so amusing. Its mammoth size was so astounding. We had never seen any other crater that would match its substantial bulk. We descended through a long zigzagging path to its beguiling bottom. Joy filled us beyond limit as we collected large handfuls of black spellbinding ashes that we thought to be the leftovers of the last eruption. We took several photos of this beauty to keep its good memories. We were lucky to learn some of the frightening but good to listen to myths associated with the crater from some locals as we bought their charming carvings which had been displayed at the entrance to this lovely crater. We indolently chilled out on the crater’s edges admiring the fascinating clouds of white smoke at a far glimpse. We loved the site very much. Our trip was surely worthwhile.
The charismatic Lake Nakuru National park was yet another venture that got us awestruck while visiting. The lake had outstanding wonders. We appreciated the copious pleasing animals that we saw. The cheeky pleasurable monkeys welcomed us at the gate. They merrily jumped to our car’s roof started scratching the window panes effortlessly. We aided them by through at them several bananas though the guides forbid us. Inside the park were lots of wonderful animals such as the endangered white rhino, giant like black buffaloes that hustled noisily towards us immediately they spotted our white cars. This was a bit frightening and thus we remained calm in our little resort waiting for them to cool down and sure they did. We toured the whole park leisurely admiring the many beauties. It was also astonishing that the lions and leopards remained silent in their hiding places though they peed out once when they heard the roar of our car. The most stunning hub was at the beautiful lake that is christened after the conspicuous Nakuru town. It was with great dynamism that we managed to see its waters as countless good looking flamingoes had filled the whole lake. They looked so nice in a pink shade that we were told was due to staying so much in the salty water of Lake Elementaita that was adjacent to this lake. This was great info and praised the friendly guides who took us round the park. We were only shocked beyond imagination as the lake seemed to be dying out since its banks lay open with no water just like an arid land. However, we loved the park and would have to visit it again on our next visit to Kenya.
           On our third day in Kenya, we toured the great captivating Lake Victoria. There were lots of fun awaiting us. The lake is very famous since it is the source of the amazing River Nile that passes through several countries and particularly the Sahara desert. Large waves grew each minute with vigor filling us with unending humor. We climbed onto one relatively small marine that was about to leave where we got placid views of the charming lake. Along the banks were lots of amusing activities. We were basically amused by the numerous fishermen who were so much into their job. They were, however, so friendly to us and gave us a short ride into the lake for some fishing. We did the sport fishing where we caught bountiful fishes that we carried with us. The place was so scenic with a serene alluring atmosphere that tempted us to stay a little bit.
          We then proceeded to the magical Mombasa city at the coastal parts of Kenya. It was a city that embraced so much beauties ranging from vast scenic communities, forts and the beach. We toured through the attractive and famous fort Jesus. This was an ancient hideout for slaves during the slave trade. It looked gorgeous and we had a memorable time walking through it mesmerizing at its attractive design that had several well partitioned small rooms. We then explored the historical astounding Vasco da Gama pillar. It exhibited a unique design that was so inviting. We took several photos around it as we would never want to forget about it. It was incredibly a nice experience.
Mombasa city had much more to offer. The glittering beaches were of the best kind. We enjoyed swimming in the relatively warm clean and calm waters of Indian Ocean. Stretching out on the impressive sandy beaches was very enticing that we fell asleep for a few minutes. The coconut trees too offered more. Apart from their relaxing shade, we also enjoyed eating their sweet coconuts. The locals too were amazing. We luckily watched a Griama dance that was remarkably brilliant. Kenya was a real awesome tourist destination. Our visit was the best we had ever experience among the many places we had so far visited. We will certainly visit Kenya several more times. It is a stunning country for tourism.