Free maternity services in Kenya

        The Jubilee government with the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta has come up with different ways of governance to benefit the Kenyan population. Lots of promises were set to benefit Kenyans during the campaign period. Such promises included the issuing of laptops to all the pupils joining class one starting the year 2014, free maternity services to women, free secondary education, increasing job opportunities to the Kenyan youths and ensuring equity in resource allocation in Kenya etc. The promise of issuing laptops to class one pupils has already been budgeted for and plans are underway to ensure the fulfillment of the promise.
       The President led Kenyans in celebrating 50 years of independence on Madaraka day, 1st June,2013.On this day the Jubilee promises were still reviewed. The president declared free maternity services starting from 1st June 2013 to all the women in Kenya. This is a big benefit to the expectant mothers in Kenya as the process is now affordable and accessible. This offer is expected to reduce child mortality and increase healthcare. This has already taken place and all hospitals are now offering the services free of charge in the entire country. It’s the hope of Kenyans that this will help improve the health sector in the country and help Kenya achieve the Vision 2030 as expected.