This is a new dawn for Kenyans as they discovered oil in Turkana province recently.Turkana lies in the vast dry areas in the Rift Valley province.This place is worse hit by drought and many other calamities including death of both animals and humans due to hunger.Oil is one of the products that really contributes to the country's economic sector in terms of increased income from its sale.The discovery by the British company will really have a positive impact to Kenyans as it continues to add up its mineral production in Africa.The oil has been found in an area known as Ngamia.The discovery has come after a long time search for oil resources in the country and more so in the north eastern province,eastern and the rift valley province.As said,more research is being carried out to ascertain that the oil is enough to guarantee investment by interested parties.Its the expectation of almost every kenyan that the product will be of great benefit to the country and also bring positive growth in the country's economy.God bless Kenya.