I came across two students in the school compound who were seriously arguing.I didn't know the reason for their argument but I had to intervene because one of the students was my close friend.I didn't interrupt them directly but i stood a distance from their position and listened to their discussion.I was attentive enough to grasp every word and know their problem.There before they were friends but  I don't know what had not happened today.After a little while I had known the whole thing.One of the student was accusing the other of something that had been done by a group of other students who were not present.He accused the student without exactly knowing that the accused had not been involved in the plan in the real sense.After a discussion for about ten minutes I decided to end the crap.I thought of something to tell them but no good idea came into my thinking.Oh! "Three little words" I had thought of before knocked at brain and i had to allow them to take control of the situation.But the question is which are these three words?.Some words are little but very powerful into our lifes."Three little words" can be "ALL IS WELL","I LOVE YOU","GOD BLESS YOU","PLEASE FORGIVE ME","THANK-YOU VERY MUCH".The question is which of the above best suits this discussion?I prefer ALL IS WELL.Give your answer.Thanks