Climatic change in the region has lead to change of the seasons.There has been scarcity of rainfall in the area for a long time leading to some places experiencing drought.The regions where rainfal was adequate has also reduced leading to no mass production of food to feed the people.For the last one year some places have not had rainfal and these areas are so affected.The people living in these regions are endangered by the harsh conditions of lack of food.Food is a basic commodity that a human being must have for survival.

         The malnutrition rate in places like the worst area in Kenya, which is North Turkana, is getting to past 38 percent. At 15 percent threshold already one is in the danger line. It is an acute malnourished situation out there and something urgently has to be done.To assist in this situation Kenyans came up with a plan to contribute for the affected people.This plan became a national concern and Kenyans were ready for that.This initiative has been given the name "KENYANS FOR KENYA" meaning fellow kenyans to support their people in Kenya.This iniative has led to great contribution from the people.Being able to raise more than 100 million shillings in one week show how Kenyans are united and have a sense of brotherhood in them.This amount of money will be used to purchase food for the people affected and will help save life of many Kenyans.