When it comes to diseases,everyone takes this matter very serious.Some people can do anything just to be cured of their diseases.There are many diseases that do not have a cure in this world,only the preventive measures are available.A 76-year-old Ambikile Mwasapile, has discovered a miracle cure for all types of diseases.This is a man from Arusha,Northern Tanzania.He was  a Lutheran pastor and is providing this cure to everyone willing to receive it.Many people have entered Tanzania just to go and witness this and others to receive the cure.The visitors have been so many until the Tanzanian government has planned to halt the entrance of people to the country.There are long queues of vehicles,motorcycles and bicycles blocking the roads preventing the residents from conducting their economic activities in peace.There is rough terrain in that area and so many vehicles are stuck in some places.The question is "What is the composition of this cure that is able to bring all illnesses to an end?"