The graduation madness


A man was undertaking a course in Medicine and was waiting for the graduation of which he knew he was not among the graduates.Due to the pressure from his parents he cheated them that he was among the graduates to make them happy for the four years hardwork in educating their son.On the day of the graduation he brought many  friends in buses and trucks to witness his success.His parents hired a bus to bring along their friends and neighbours to the graduation.When the awarding of degrees session came the names were to be called.The man didn't hear his name and his parents were astonished by the outcome.His parents were like somehow mad because of that.When the man was asked he said that the supervisor had confused his name and written it wrongly.After the graduation,the parents seek to speak to the vice-chancellor of the campus.The man gave part of his story explaining what had happened.The vice-chancellor called his supervisor to acertain the incidence.When the supervisor came all things became a mess when he said that tyhe man was not attending classes and was among the group that lived drunk all the time in school.The parents felt sorry for their son and went home heads down.That was a degree wasted in their village.A full doctor wasted.