Kenya is on it's move towards improvement in ICT sector.Kenya is the country proposed for the setup of software development center in Eastern Africa.This will be one of the move that will uplift its technological position in the world.A good move for Kenya.
Nairobi — American technology investors are in the country scouting for new companies with entrepreneurial expertise to invest in.
The owners of the San Francisco-based I/O Ventures, Jawed Karim, Russel Simmons, Paul Bragel and Mbwana Alliy, say they are looking for start-ups with the best ideas.
Based on their experience of incubating start-up entrepreneurs, the investors said they will form partnerships with other companies, the government through the Kenyan ICT Board and universities to establish a mentorship model for linking Silicon Valley in the US and East African countries.
These are the big guy's in e-business. I am so happy to see that they have some interest in Kenya. How I wish they could introduce the Paypal in the m-pesa network, or rather prompt the mobile providers in Kenya show interest in paypal. With billions of remittances from overseas I cant believe until now no mobile network in Kenya has shown interest. I bet watch this space!!
This development community represents an opportunity for investors looking to get into successful ventures early., a bootcamp and competition for tech start-ups, is a good example of investors bringing both the finances and coaching needed by Kenyan ICT entrepreneurs.
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