korean clashes

When will these clashes come to an end in this world.People killing each other like flies,being butchered in daylight.People of the world should end impunity among themselves to enhance good living
The life of mankind is so precious and should be protected to the latter.What was the cause of these clashes?Human beings are creatures that criticize things that they are involved in to show out to the world that they are innocent.Commissions and groups have been created all with the aim to investigate these clashes but none of them has returned the report.What does this show?they are hindering the truth because they know that themselves are involved.When will our people be sure enough to say the truth.
The creatures who can change the world are its dominants who are the human beings.The bombings and butchering of mankind is an insane way of thinking and should be criticized to bring our diaspora to a level of self-respect and prosperity.Each continent is affected by these clashes but the ones involved in planning and funding the clashes seem not to care.Caution should be taken if we want to live in peace and improve our world.Lets all join hands in fighting impunity in our diaspora.United we stand,apart we fall.
REM:Thou shall not kill.